Don't worry about what to wear in spring. Look at the demonstrations of street photographers in Europe and the United States, and wear something new every day.

We believe lots of women have such distress when changing season, which is how to dress more properly? For instance, someone likes the intellectual and elegant style in Japan. Others like the girl wind of Korea, and more people like Simple European and American style. Most people think Simple European and American style is more daily and popular. Today, let's talk about how street photographers in Europe and the United States will dress in spring. With the seven different matching styles, you can wear something new every day of the week!

1. Wide-legged pants

Even wide-legged trousers became popular last year but in this year wide-legged pants are still hot and popular, like the picture above. Europe and the United States fashion bloggers are very likely to use a shirt to match wide-legged pants and use a light blue or light gray shirt and white wide-legged pants very formal feeling, and it is very comfortable.

2. The jeans

Nowadays, European and American fashion bloggers are also very likely to wear jeans but now the Chinese also like wearing jeans. Wearing a pair of casual jeans looks like an intellectual. You can see this in the picture above. Although models are wearing ripped jean, goes with a sweater and a shirt, they still have some sexy taste. Of course, using ripped jeans to wear a sexy taste of nature is a very high requirement for the figure. Slimming legs and pointed heels are also necessary.

3. The little black pants

Small black pants are very versatile in any season, you see the fashion bloggers in the picture above. They are used to match cardigans, and the combination of black and khaki has a natural sense of harmony, whether it is a black halter top or a white shirt, it looks very intellectual and mature woman taste.

4. Small trousers

For modern women, the workplace is an important living space, so wear is necessary to have a professional feeling, and small pants are the indispensable sheet is tasted, just like in the picture above in a demonstration, small pants also don't have to wear special is rigorous, wearing a suit jacket, collocation is pure color sweater or T-shirt, match again a pair of white shoes, wear a workplace can also very easily.

5. Pleated skirt

A pleated skirt is Europe and the United States fashionistas in the spring of the necessary sheet is tasted, you see in the picture above pleated skirt and sweater are used to match the dark pleated skirt, looks very have a qualitative feeling, and the style of the pleated skirt let the cloth of the dress has natural light, looks very futuristic, and pleated skirt is very comfortable, with a pair of pointed high-heeled shoes with high heels or a word, Perfect for spring temperatures.

6. Print dress

How can spring be without floral dresses? Printed dresses can also be worn very casually. As you can see in the street photos above, most of them use sweaters to match print dresses. Even if you wear small white shoes or canvas shoes, it is very stylish and comfortable.

7. A short skirt

Fashion bloggers in the US and Europe are very good at wearing short A-line skirts, which must be worn in spring with over-the-knee boots, exposing the thigh, and v-neck sweaters for A sexy, feminine look.


These are the styles that fashion bloggers in Europe and the US like very much in spring. Which one do you like the most? If there are more spring matching tips, please leave a comment.

March 25, 2022 — riggers micah

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